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Message from Naomi

Thank you for visiting my portfolio site! My first year as a Digital Arts student has been coming to a close. I can say for certain that it's been an interesting and unexpected experience so far. My first year has been very tough -- I went through a lot this past year, in adjusting to graduate school, to a new state. I learned a lot, through teaching and also through my Art grad classes. It's very different from being a Music student!

I am very excited for this summer and have many plans for my Art and Music. I will be in Santa Cruz for the most part, TAing and working as a research assistant in the Music Department. But, I will also be working on my own projects and having fun. (This is my first California summer!) And of course, I will be going back home to Japan, which I am looking forward to very much. Besides all of the wonderful-ness of being back home, I'm going to get to do some "field work" and collect (sound) samples for my current big project, "Furusato." I think I'll be able to collect some interesting sounds and if all goes well, you'll be able to experience these sounds in my interactive installation next spring!

I know most of the work on this site is a little old, but I will be working on updating it over the summer, so please look forward to that! As always, I'd love to hear from anyone, on your thoughts of the samples of my work on this site.


Naomi Lucille Kagaya

June, 2007.


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